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MMus, PhD - Royal College of Music


Alessandro's current research and performance interests include the early cello’s history and the first arias with obbligato violoncello in opera, oratorio and cantata in Italy in the second half of the seventeenth century. His research on Bernardo Sabadini has been published in Performance Practice Review and an essay on Sabadini’s arias with obbligato violoncello is to appear in the next issue of Miscellanea Ruspoli. His article 'Da Spalla or da Gamba? The Early Cello in Northern Italian Repertoire, 1650–95' has been published in the 2016 Galpin Society Journal.

Alessandro has completed three critical editions of obbligato violoncello arias by Domenico Gabrielli, Bernardo Sabadini and Giovanni Bononcini available at the Violoncello Obbligato Edition page on this website



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'Bernardo Sabadini and his Solo-Obbligato Bass Violin Arias', Miscellanea Ruspoli



'The Bass Violin in Northern Italian Repertoire in the Second Half of the Seventeenth Century', PhD diss., Royal College of Music, 2014


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